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Studio Info 

How do I make an appointment?/ Do you take walk-ins?

     Appointments are recommended but please call the shop for availability 681-247-2159 . When each artist has tattoo time or designs available they will post it in their Instagram story.


 Stay up to date: Follow your artist and tap the bell icon to turn on post notifications!

Can I bring my kids/friends/spouse to my appointment?

    No children are allowed in the studio outside of posted gallery events.  We encourage clients to bring (one) a supportive adult  (over 18) guest along to their appointment if it suits you. 

Can my underage child get a tattoo?

     You must be 18 years old to get tattooed at Burke Street Tattoo - no exceptions.


How can I prepare for my tattoo?

     Eat a meal, hydrate, avoid alcohol the night before and make sure you are well rested and showered before your appointment. Wear  bring ear buds, a blanket, book or handheld gaming system if that's your style. We want you to be comfortable.  We usually have candy and complimentary water available. 

When can I not get tattooed?

    If you are: under the influence of drugs or alcohol, sun burnt, Pregnant, Nursing,  Sick you cannot get tattooed. Talk to your doctor If you take certain medications such as but not limited to:  antibiotics, prescription steroids, blood thinners etc. Its your responsibility to ensure the medications you take will not interfere with the tattoo or the healing of your tattoo.  

     Do not apply numbing creams to your skin prior to your appointment. Skin that has abrasions, scratches, pimples, sunburn, insect bites, swelling, redness,  rashes etc cannot not be tattooed. Please let your artist know when booking if you have a latex allergy

Anything else I should know?

     Bring quarters for the meters and your valid (not expired) government issued I.D.  State drivers license, Federal ID, Military, State ID and Passports are acceptable forms of ID. If you do not have valid ID you will not be tattooed.  We accept both cash and credit cards for payment. 

 Booking Fees and Policies


       Thanks for choosing Burke Street Tattoo and Gallery for your tattoo project. When booking with an artist a booking fee/deposit will be required to hold your appointment. 

          For tattoos that are started and completed the same day, our booking fee is $80.

          For multisession projects that are tattooed at an hourly rate our booking fees are

 Half sleeve is $250      Full sleeve:  $500


     Booking fees/deposits are non refundable and non transferable from client to client or artist to artist. The fee will be deducted from the final cost of your tattoo. We love our clients and are very fortunate to have wonderful people who keep us busy. That being said the following still needs to be mentioned:


Booking fees and deposits will be forfeited if:

-You are more than 15 minutes late to your appointment without calling the shop at 681-247-2159

-You No call/no show 

-Reschedule within 48 hours of your appointment time 

-You reschedule the same tattoo appointment more than once 

-You arrive under the influence of drugs or alcohol or without valid ID


      When your appointment time comes, we are ready to work, so please arrive ready to be tattooed. 


     In the event that your appointment needs to be rescheduled on behalf of your artist, a portion of the booking fee amount ($80.00)  will be credited to the final cost of the tattoo 


     We understand sometimes things occur that are out of our control, and we try and be sympathetic to that. After all, we’re human too and subject to life’s surprises. Our policies are created with mutual respect in mind. 


We look forward to working with you!

questions? Call the shop


or contact your artist directly

(681) 247-2159
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